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Satisfi Labs
December 02, 2022

Conversational marketing tools represent one of the key ways technology supports your goals. Using Satisfi Labs’ AI Chat helps marketing teams stay abreast of consumer trends and market demographics. It is available 24/7 as an automated solution to answer questions and help nudge customers to engage more with your brand.

What if you could do more with your AI Chat? 

You probably have room to expand even if you already use Satisfi’s conversational marketing tools. Embracing the technology is one thing, but harnessing its power in every possible way can take you to the next level.

This article gives you tips on how to leverage conversational marketing software to enhance digital marketing in the sports, tourism, and entertainment industry. We provide key steps you can take to get the most out of your AI tools and revolutionize your marketing efforts to reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

Conversational Marketing: Why Do You Need It?

Conversational Chat bot in action

Conversational marketing is a form of marketing that engages customers through two-way communication in real-time conversations. Choosing the right tools is essential for any team, but knowing how to leverage them to achieve maximum results is another consideration.

For example, you selected a conversational marketing solution that relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to create realistic customer encounters. It fills some gaps and takes stress off your team by automating tasks, but AI Chat can do much more. 

Digging deeper into the software capabilities, you might find new paths to increase user engagement and make greater gains. When used correctly, AI Chat can drive discovery with your brand, enhance the customer experience, and drive revenue. 

Let’s look at four specific areas where your team can better optimize the AI Chat experience, leverage its full capabilities, and promote its presence to your customers that can revolutionize digital marketing for the sports, tourism, and entertainment industries.

1. Content

Why Content Relevancy Is Important

Picture this; you click on a business site and come across old and outdated content. You seek guidance from the available chatbots but find that information is also outdated. How likely are you to purchase from this business? For many customers, the answer to this question is a resounding no.

Content relevancy might be the most important aspect of digital marketing in the entertainment industry, or any industry for that matter. Effective content must be relevant and engaging to capture and hold a customer’s attention long enough to deliver. 

That’s why you need the right content marketing tools to support your teams and ensure there’s no lapse in relevant, timely content.

Quick Reply Buttons

The correlation between buttons and quick replies cannot be understated.

Simple, efficient, and unbelievably effective quick reply buttons placed strategically in your AI Chat can encourage visitors to purchase. For example, a basic “Buy tickets” quick reply in the chat could lead the visitor to a ticket-purchasing answer and a purchase link.

Buttons with Links in Messages

You may choose to engage with your clients by adding buttons in Messages. To attract your visitors’ attention, links can lead to helpful resources such as web pages where they can find tools to make purchases, and reservations, or get more information about the topic.

Quick Reply Buttons and  Buttons with links example
Conversational Chat bot in action


Have you ever searched for an answer only to come up empty? Knowtifi (our unique answer subscription tool) is an ingenious solution that is available to you if you use Satisfi’s AI Chat. The solution allows people to sign up for a response to an answer they seek. When the information becomes available, you may send a targeted email campaign to the audience seeking an answer, increasing conversion rates, and customer retention.

Knowtifi collects a user’s email or number, giving you valuable insight into consumer trends and allowing users to subscribe to the information they are looking for. It’s one more way to create specific answers for a more personalized customer experience.

Why Content Engagement Is Important

It’s usually easy to create engaging content, especially when you feel passionate about your products; it helps to create a personal experience for each customer. When you deliver an experience that feels completely customized, it leaves a lasting impression on them.

Creating a customized experience for your visitor is not necessarily easy, unless you use a conversational AI platform. Unlike a general chatbot, AI Chat understands the unique needs of each customer to create that personal, memorable customer journey.

Thankfully, you have several key ways to build a better customer experience, so it’s easy to find one or more that work for your marketing team.

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Creating Tailored Welcome Messages

Customers are increasingly expecting messaging to be contextual. Imagine a client opening your site’s chat to discover a tailored greeting using the tone of voice of your brand. Satisfi Labs’ AI Chat makes it possible. It can even set unique welcome messages depending on the page the customer is currently on, allowing you to provide contextually relevant content no matter where they are on the site.

Minnesota Vikings Conversational App
Appropriate Audio and Visual Aids Example

Using Appropriate Audio and Visual Aids

Strategically placed photos and videos draw attention and drive discovery of your brand. Highly visual information tends to be more engaging than long blocks of text, but only if it appeals to your audience and gives them something they need.

Instructional videos highlighting various tasks, like buying a membership or finding a favorite attraction, can appeal to your audience and make them feel emotionally connected to your brand. Conversational AI can be a great tool for directing customers to the appropriate videos and suggesting alternatives that might appeal to them.

2. Promotion

Conversational AI is a powerful tool that can alleviate pressure on your marketing team and other employees as well. Promoting your efficient and effective AI Chat makes everyone’s life easier by saving time all around.

Think of it like this, if a visitor is exposed to the AI Chat more frequently during relevant moments, it will increase the overall awareness of this helpful solution, saving your team from replying to phone calls and emails.

Strategies To Promote AI Chat

Promoting your AI Chat removes the guesswork and helps customers get more comfortable with the process. It’s ideal for demystifying the AI Chat and showing how it benefits your audience.

Highlighting that customers don’t have to wait for business hours to find an answer or provide feedback can encourage them to use the chat more, but they need to know it exists. That’s where banners, emails, and QR codes come into play.

  • Digital marketing, like emails and social media, can direct visitors to the AI Chat for more information on a topic within the material.
  • On-site signage should include a QR code or SMS opt-in that directs traffic to the AI Chat.
  • Create unique call-to-action buttons and banners in the mobile app to increase usage, like adding a food and beverage finder or parking guide that deep links into a specific area of your AI Chat experience.
  • Link to the chat experience from the Contact Us Page, especially if it has live chat enabled, to answer support questions while promoting your conversational AI solution.

3. Sponsorship

Sponsorships can help your bottom line and cover costs related to special projects or tools, including Satisfi Labs’ software. Using AI Chat can be a selling point for sponsorships. It’s an asset that you can sell to potential sponsors as a way to increase user traffic, especially if you highlight ways that customers can reach you and the sponsor.

Reinforce the time customers spend chatting and how much more ad exposure they get with this engaged audience. Thanks to the personalized AI Chat, your visitor receives more value from this experience, meaning they spend more time on a page leading to increased ad exposure. That makes digital ads and banners a higher-value asset for sponsors.

Sponsorship Example

Sponsorship Assets That You Can Sell

Ultimately, sponsorships can cover the total AI Chat cost. Consider the assets you can market to sponsors, including header banners, personalized welcome messages with links to the sponsor’s website, sponsored answers, and more.

4. Branding

 What identifies your products or services to your company? Branding is another vital marketing tool that serves as a physical and visual representation of your company. It encompasses your beliefs, ideologies, values, and acceptable practices and portrays them to other partner companies, an interested customer, or even a third-party audience.

Your brand identity, therefore, needs to communicate to the customer precisely and concisely what your services are and promote all aspects of your business goals. In addition, it should remain consistent across all platforms and channels you use.

Branding isn’t just about visuals and videos; your business’s information should have a consistent style, tone, and quality to convey all aspects of your brand’s package.

How AI Chat Can Support Your Branding Goals

Branding has a direct impact on the sense of loyalty among customers. Enabling customers to familiarize themselves with your brand identity makes them opt to make purchases from your website, which makes them repeat customers. Every business owner is acutely aware of the importance of repeat customers in building a successful sales strategy.

Branding Tools Available in AI Chat

Focusing on one method to reinforce branding goals isn’t efficient or productive. Embracing several methods to create a cohesive plan is necessary and should extend to your conversational marketing platform.

  • Welcome Message: Showing customers engaging welcome messages, including gifs and/or videos in the chat, can reinforce positive feelings about your brand, increase loyalty, and encourage return visits.
  • Using an Avatar: An avatar is the best way to incorporate a human touch into an inhuman system by creating a special character or a lifelike representative of your brand that appeals to your customer. Of course, the avatar must align with the company’s brand identity to feel credible and feel like a human member of your team. An avatar’s advantage over other branding tools is apparent in its versatility. The avatar may be dressed in sponsorship materials or pop up when welcoming a customer to conversational chat.
  • Graphics for the Pop-Up Button: Grabbing the customer’s attention towards the AI Chat pop-up is essential to maximize their interaction with your virtual assistant. Additionally, graphics are exceedingly popular and highly effective as they provide a three-dimensional feeling in a two-dimensional operation. The right graphics reinforce your brand message and entice customers to click the pop-up button because they trust it to represent your company.
  • Branded Colors and Backgrounds: Just as we have come to know and associate many of the popular companies with their brand’s colors, aligning your AI Chat with your brand’s colors will make customers easily identify with your brand. Our solution allows you to customize the theme of the chat to align with your visual identity.
  • Emojis: Part of the digital age brought the ever-versatile and appealing emoji. Emojis can convey emotions and reactions to create realistic interactions within a chat feature, further enhancing friendliness and camaraderie. Though it seems small, using emojis can spark joy among your customers and give the feeling of human interactions where it’s really an AI.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Conversational AI Platform

Conversational AI is a powerful tool supporting digital marketing for tourism, sports, and entertainment organizations. It will be one of the top marketing trends in 2023 for boosting sales and putting companies at the forefront of the battle for success.

Adopting the above tips can help you maximize your conversational marketing software for more successful marketing in the industry.

Employing these digital marketing trends in tourism, sports, and entertainment can boost your marketing assets and help you reach goals faster than ever before.

Do you want to learn more about how Satisfi Labs can help your business?

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