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Stop deflecting customer questions, and start cultivating meaningful relationships with our two-way chat solutions.

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Maximize Marketing Efforts

Conversational marketing allows you to have a two-way conversation with your customers. Our AI Chat makes sure those conversations are automated, consistent, and scalable. With on-brand messaging across multiple digital communication channels, first-time guests will quickly become brand loyalists.

Reduce Staff Burnout

Make it easier for your staff to handle questions throughout the year and during peak events and seasons. Our AI Chat saves your staff hours from answering rote questions and acts as a resource for your newly onboarded employees. Taking the demand off of your staff will increase employee satisfaction and morale.

Guide To Purchase

Help customers find answers to questions that make them feel confident to purchase. Our AI Chat answers pre-purchase questions and guides the conversation to revenue-generating actions such as purchasing a ticket in-chat. Take advantage of their engaged attention to drive more sales.

Pie Chart showing the volume breakdown between Satisfi Labs' AI Assistants

Collect Unique Data

Gather unique data and based on the questions customers ask. Our AI Chat understands tens of thousands of intents so data is categorized and specific, making it easier for business to identify gaps in digital communications and influences business decisions based on direct customer inputs.

Meet Our AI Assistants

Customers experience one seamless entry point through our AI Chat while a team of expert Assistants work behind the scenes. AI Assistants are experts in their field and are trained with domain-specific intelligence to handle customer needs across all your digital channels.

Activities Assistant

I help customers discover and find information regarding special events, activities, lessons, and programs that are available at a location or event.

Communications Assistant

I help customers connect with brands by surfacing information regarding social channels, mobile apps, broadcast, and streaming, and help with game, team and scheduling requests.

Food & Beverage Assistant

I help customers find and buy the foods and beverages available in the venue.

Ticket Service Assistant

I help customers with post-purchase questions such as accessing tickets, refunds, ticket forwarding, and other membership support questions.

On-Site Assistant

I help customers with pre-planning needs, ingress and egress of venues and facilities, and on-site service questions.

Ticket Sales Assistant

I help customers buy tickets, passes, and memberships faster by surfacing pricing, availability, and drive to purchase.

Health & Safety Assistant

I help customers get their questions answered around the health policies of a location and access safety info in real-time.

AI Chat In Action

1,500+ Staff Hours Saved

Tampa Bay Buccaneers managed gameday surges during the 2020 season.

80,000+ Conversations Managed

Miracle Mile Shops handled visitor questions without a physical presence.

$150,000 in Revenue Influenced

Snowbird’s Dog Chat drove incremental associated revenue with reduced staff.

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