Skyrocket Revenue and Customer Satisfaction by combining AI + Live Chat

Use Bridge Live Chat to seamlessly transition conversations between AI Assistants and live agents. Let your Live Support team focus on handling more complex conversations that drive revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

Trusted by 400+ Brands In Sports, Entertainment, And Tourism Industries

Never Lose A Conversation

Always be there for your customers with a solution that is always on. Collect contact information and messages during or after business hours so you can get back to your customers as soon as you are online.

Satisfi Insights

5 reasons why you need Bridge Live Chat

Live chat support has proven effective at guiding customers through the purchasing cycle, increasing conversion …

Consumer Behavior Trends Report 2023

66% of consumers prefer brands that know them and give them personalized recommendations.

3 Ways New Fan Data is Preparing College Sports Programs

College athletic teams get 3X as many tailgating questions compared to pro teams.

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