Case Study

Improving Customer Experience While Reducing Call Volumes With Bridge Live Chat

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Mountain Creek, a premier four-season resort, partnered with Satisfi Labs to optimize their customer service and adapt to seasonal demand fluctuations. By implementing Satisfi Labs’ AI Chat and Bridge Live Chat, Mountain Creek improved customer service with faster response times and 24/7 availability, while simultaneously reducing call center volume. The seamless integration and intent-based routing improved customer experience and employee satisfaction, while data-driven insights allowed for more efficient resource allocation and communication optimization.

Mountain Creek Ski Resort


Mountain Creek faced seasonal spikes in guest demand, leading to overwhelmed call centers and difficulty maintaining high-quality customer service. They needed a solution that could scale their communication channels, reduce call volume, and enhance the overall customer experience without compromising the resort’s personalized touch.


Satisfi Labs implemented AI Chat and Bridge Live Chat, which enabled seamless transitions between automated and live agents based on customer needs. Intent-based routing improved customer care by directing guests to the appropriate agent. The platform’s data and insights helped Mountain Creek optimize their resources and communication, while features like canned responses and private messaging increased employee satisfaction and efficiency.


The integrated solution reduced call volume and improved customer experience through instant 24/7 support. During the 2023 winter season, Mountain Creek saw a 60% increase in inbound messages and AI Chat handled 38% of all inquiries after hours. On the first day of the winter ticket release, 2,400 inbound chat messages were received. Employee satisfaction improved due to reduced repetitive tasks and focus on more complex queries. Data-driven insights allowed Mountain Creek to optimize communication and operations, enhancing the resort’s ability to provide a superior experience for guests.

Messages Received in a Day


Increase in Messages During Peak Season

“AI and Live Chat provide insights without taking away from the guest experience, leading to better decisions and increased productivity.”

Kelly Brooks
Chief People Officer, Mountain Creek Resort