Satisfi Labs Introduces Integration with Attentive

Aliona Margulis
Aliona Margulis
June 22, 2023

As a leading conversational AI platform for the sports, entertainment, and tourism industries, Satisfi Labs offers integrations with many technology providers to ensure that our product provides the most value. We integrate with popular CRM systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, CMS systems like Simpleview and Carbonhouse, and platforms like Statmuse and Kipsu. Attentive, a leader in conversational commerce, is the latest addition to that list.

This collaboration allows us to introduce an innovative outbound SMS integration to our platform. You can now connect Attentive with Satisfi Labs to forward all SMS messages received from a subscriber to the Satisfi Labs platform. It allows Satisfi’s AI Chat or Live Chat to reply back to customers directly through SMS after receiving a text message from an Attentive campaign.

In this article, we will explore the use cases of outbound and inbound capabilities of the SMS channel, which will transform customer interactions across different industries.

Outbound SMS: Unlocking the Power of SMS Marketing

Attentive lets you reach customers directly via personalized text messages, delivering promotions and event announcements. With a superior open rate (98% compared to email marketing), SMS guarantees prompt attention.

Here are a few examples of how clients from the sports, entertainment, and tourism industries can use outbound SMS campaigns:

Attentive 1
  • Pro sports 

Send exclusive SMS promotions for early ticket access and merchandise discounts to season ticket holders, or send game-day updates and reminders to all fans.

  • Museums, zoos, and attractions 

Use SMS to promote special exhibits, educational programs, and offer discounts.

  • Venues 

Use SMS to promote concerts, sporting events, and other large-scale events. You can also use SMS to send out reminders about upcoming events, offer ticket discounts, and encourage guests to arrive early.

Inbound SMS: Empowering Outbound Campaigns with Instant Responses

Satisfi’s inbound SMS capabilities allow customers to connect with your business through SMS, providing them with a convenient, round-the-clock support experience. The seamless connection between Attentive and Satisfi Labs ensures that no customer inquiry goes unanswered.

AI Chat to the Rescue

When customers respond to an outbound SMS from Attentive with a question, Satisfi’s AI Chat takes over, providing timely and helpful responses. Powered by advanced conversational AI technology, AI Chat delivers automated, relevant, and personalized answers, enhancing the customer experience and fostering loyalty. You can choose between a native SMS conversation or redirecting customers to AI Chat’s web version, offering additional functionality, rich content, ticket commerce directly in-chat, and more.

image 11

Here are some use cases when outbound SMS to AI Chat is a necessary transition.

  • Pro sports

Pro sports teams can leverage Attentive’s outbound SMS capabilities to send exclusive promotions and discounts to season ticket holders. Customers can then engage with the AI Chat to inquire about ticket types and discounts, which will lead to a purchasing decision.

  • Zoos, museums, attractions

Attentive’s outbound SMS can be used to send reminders about upcoming visits and encourage visitors to leave reviews. The AI Chat can answer the follow-up inquiries about the venue hours, food & beverage, and specific ticket options.

  • Venues

With SMS outbound reminders about upcoming events, venues can inform subscribers about start times, special offers, and any last-minute changes. AI Chat can assist with questions about parking, entry requirements, and VIP passes, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable event experience.

Live Chat to the Rescue

When using the Attentive and Satisfi Labs integration, there may be cases where outbound outreach via SMS triggers more complex or specific customer queries. Satisfi’s Bridge Live Chat comes into play in such situations, allowing businesses to seamlessly transfer the conversation to a live person for personalized assistance. 

image 12

Here are some use cases where Live Chat shows the most value:

  1. Complex Inquiries. If a customer asks a detailed question or requires in-depth assistance beyond what the outbound outreach and AI Chat can provide, the conversation can be seamlessly transferred to a live agent via Satisfi’s Bridge Live Chat.
  2. Sales. When customers express interest in making a premium purchase such as group ticket or suites, live agents can take over the conversation to provide recommendations, answer specific queries, and guide customers through the buying process.
  3. Complaint Resolution. If a customer raises a complaint or expresses dissatisfaction, the live chat feature allows for immediate intervention by a human agent. 

The integration of Attentive and Satisfi Labs provides a 360-degree solution for businesses within the SMS channel. To learn more about how Satisfi Labs can help you improve customer engagement, deliver exceptional service, and drive revenue, all by utilizing SMS, please reach out to us using the form below.

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