Ahead of the Curve: Our Advanced AI Chat Platform is Future-Ready

Danika wong
Danika Wong
June 07, 2023

In the rapidly evolving technology landscape, conversational AI is the new frontier. Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and Bard are revolutionizing the way we communicate. But here’s the thing – we’ve been ready for this. Our platform was built with the foresight of this AI acceleration, designed from the outset to answer questions with precision and detail.

Our Cutting-Edge Platform: Then and Now

The marriage of our patent-pending Context NLP with Generative AI capabilities isn’t a transformation but an acceleration of what our Answer Engine platform has been doing all along – understanding and responding to hyper-specific inquiries from your guests.

The Answer Engine was established in 2016 with the premise that a collection of bots (or AI Assistants) would need to be networked together to handle the wide range of questions guests ask about destinations and experiences. Since then, we’ve evolved the platform to handle real-time feed integrations, ticket commerce capabilities, and external natural language processor (NLP) integrations to provide flexibility and control of the conversational experience. 

The introduction of LLMs like ChatGPT and Bard is enhancing what we’ve been achieving – using AI to automate trustworthy conversations while maintaining your brand’s individual needs. With the introduction of this new technology, our platform has been upgraded with enhanced compliance and authentication systems to ensure answers are on-topic and on-brand.  

Amplifying AI with Our Established Features

Our platform is ahead of the curve, and here’s how:

  1. Controlled Answers: Our platform was built with a focus on control. You have always been able to craft, manage, and verify specific answers, and will be able to now flag the system to prioritize crafted responses to maintain brand compliance.
  1. Generated Answers (with enrichment): We’ve always harnessed the power of AI. With the acceleration of LLMs, our platform can access larger quantities of information from your website, handbooks, blog posts, and more to enhance the conversational experience. AI-produced answers increase efficiency and reduce the need for response management.  
  1. Transactional Answers: Our platform continues to integrate real-time data and payment capabilities for seamless AI chat commerce – whether buying a ticket or making a donation. With Ticket Commerce integrations with Ticketmaster, Tickets.com, Ingresso, and Telecharge, the platform will continue maximizing revenue conversations. 
  1. Promoted Answers: Our platform is flexible enough to anticipate the next user question. And when they don’t know what they need, you can promote information, making our platform even more user-centric.

Contextual Analytics is Essential

Our platform has always enabled robust management of brand-approved verified answers and provided guests the ability to complete tasks – especially revenue-generating tasks. And while LLMs like ChatGPT and Bard can comprehend and generate answers like never before, they lack reporting capabilities. 

Our platform has seen over 60 million questions which have been meticulously categorized by intent topics. Using our Context-NLP, we can produce comprehensive intent data reporting, even when routing questions through an external model. Furthermore, our community of clients across sports, entertainment, and tourism uniquely positions us to report on industry trends. We call this the network effect. In this new world of generative AI, leveraging data and insights across industries will become a differentiating factor for your brand. 

Top 20 intent data chart and intent pie chart

So, the future of AI-enhanced communication isn’t just upon us; it’s been here, embedded in our platform. It’s not about reinventing the wheel; it’s about keeping it rolling faster and smoother than ever before. And we’re here, ready and equipped, to navigate the exciting journey ahead.

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