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accesso and Satisfi Labs are partnering to make AI accessible to the tourism industry.
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Satisfi + accesso®

By partnering with Satisfi Labs, accesso can make AI accessible to their tourism clients. Conversational AI technology is revolutionizing customer communication for leisure and entertainment venues with AI-driven solutions. Satisfi Labs offers AI Chat and Live Chat solutions to allow two-way conversations between the brand and the guest on digital communication channels, and helps drive customers to accesso related products such as ticketing pages and customer call centers.


accesso is the leading global provider of patented and award-winning technology solutions that redefine the guest experience, drive increased revenue, streamline operations and support data-driven business decisions for leisure & entertainment operators. Currently serving over 1,000 venues in 29 countries, accesso invests heavily in research and development to provide venues with technology that empowers them to deliver unforgettable guest experiences. Staffed by a team of attractions, cultural venue and ski industry veterans, accesso partners with venues to increase their range of on- and off-site guest engagement to drive increased revenue through intuitive ticketing, point-of-sale, virtual queuing, distribution and experience management technology.
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Attractions,  Cultural Attractions,  Ski & Mountain Resorts,  Venues & Performing Arts


Redefine customer engagement with conversational marketing, which provides consistent and scalable conversations across multiple digital channels, building trust and fostering loyalty towards your clients’ brands.

Capture more revenue with an AI Chat that guides conversations towards revenue-generating actions like buying tickets and driving to purchase pages, and escalating high-value conversations to Live Chat.

Gather valuable insights from the unique data captured during a conversation which helps businesses identify gaps in their digital communications and make informed decisions based on direct customer feedback.

Partner Stories & News

accesso® Releases Innovative New Ski App to Provide Enhanced Solutions for Upcoming Ski Season

accesso® Releases Innovative New Ski App to Provide Enhanced Solutions for Upcoming Ski Season

Boost Revenue with AI-Powered Chats: Mastering In-Chat Sales

Boost Revenue with AI-Powered Chats: Mastering In-Chat Sales

For any business, questions from customers are valuable opportunities to generate revenue. The adage "questions equal money" is true, as every question a customer asks represents an opportunity for the business to provide valuable information and convince the customer to purchase.

Businesses need to answer customer questions promptly and accurately  it truly helps build trust and confidence with the customer. When a customer is left with unanswered questions, they may decide not to purchase or look for other options.

Satisfi Labs' AI Chat provides its clients with valuable integrations for different ticket providers, making it easy for the customers to have a conversation and purchase in one place. In this article, we will show you all the ticket purchasing options available and how they drive revenue for our existing clients. 

Efficient Ticketing Integrations

We have integrated with select ticket providers  including Ticketmaster,, Ingresso, and Telecharge  to allow your customers to purchase single game/event tickets directly in chat. This feature adds a new revenue stream and maximizes ticket exposure to increase overall sales, while simultaneously capturing ticket-buyer data & insights in the Satisfi Dashboard. Additionally, In-Chat Ticket Commerce helps sell more expensive tickets with the help of UX design, providing your customers with an easy and visually appealing way to purchase premium tickets.

In-Chat Ticket Commerce has a variety of capabilities that make it easy for your customers to use. It pulls data in real-time, offers the ability to choose the date, budget, & number of tickets, and allows for direct in-chat purchases.

How does it work?

Let’s say your customer is a fan looking for single-game tickets. They can simply access the AI Chat on the web or a mobile device by clicking the conversation button.

The fan can find the “Buy Single Game Tickets” button or quick reply in the Welcome Message and any other revenue-generating response, as the AI Chat understands the context of a conversation and, at the same time, identifies the intent to make a purchase.

After clicking the button, they proceed to a guided flow, where they can choose the upcoming event, the number of tickets to purchase, and the type of ticket they want to buy. The ticket types can be adjustable based on the client’s goals.

The final step would be to fill in the personal information and payment details — and voila! The ticket purchase is complete.

Mobile Ticketing - iPad

Revenue-Generating Tips

How can you make the most of our In-Chat Ticket Commerce feature? Here are a few ideas:

  • Change the pop-up button on the chat window to "Buy Tickets".
  • Add signages with the QR codes to direct on-site visitors to the ticket purchase flow.
  • Offer the option to purchase more expensive tickets by adding a "Best Available" option.
  • Add a "Buy Tickets" quick reply on the welcome message to encourage customers to purchase.
  • Add a secondary message to the pop-up button to provide customers with additional information about the ticket purchase process.
  • Create a snippet in the chat window with a personalized welcome message and quick replies guiding to ticket sales.
  • Add videos, images, gifs, and emojis in the responses to grab more customer attention.
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Other Ways to Influence Revenue With AI and Live Chat

Satisfi Labs helps clients from the sports, entertainment, and tourism industries influence revenue even though they might not sell tickets through Ticketmaster,, FEVO, Ingresso, or Telecharge. Clients selling through other ticketing platforms use different strategies for driving revenue through AI and Live Chat.

1.  Take advantage of the revenue-generating conversation flow

Thanks to Satisfi’s unique training process and the ability to understand the context of a conversation, our AI Chat can handle up to 95% of all customer questions. In addition to that every response is accompanied with quick replies, that can generate a ticketing response. This means that even specific questions are answered, creating a satisfied customer who is ready to purchase.

2.  I-frame the tickets page

Satisfi Labs can I-frame certain pages. This feature provides the opportunity to embed external mobile-responsive web experiences directly into the chat conversation, like ticket purchase / collect contacts / donation flows.

3.  Use personalized snippets on the ticketing page

With AI Chat, it’s much easier to provide a personalized experience. A customer lands on the ticketing page? Great! Customize the welcome message for that page to highlight the benefits of purchasing tickets, and provide specific quick replies to eliminate any objections or concerns.

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4.  Use Live Chat to route revenue-generating intents to a salesperson

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The primary value of having Satisfi’s AI and Bridge Live Chat is that our unique intent-based routing lets clients decide which ticket-related questions they want to be handled by live staff. AI Chat identifies the intent of a question, and if the client prefers to have these types of questions answered by a salesperson, the conversation will be seamlessly routed, and a salesperson will receive a notification in the Bridge Platform. The salesperson doesn’t even have to be at their desk - our Bridge Mobile App will help handle questions on the go so you’ll never miss essential requests.

5.  Track results

Track the effectiveness of your marketing/ticketing campaigns and understand your visitors' behavior by adding UTM tags to the ‘Buy tickets’ links when driving the users out of the chat.

What’s more — Satisfi’s Dashboard will help you analyze the trending intents and traffic highlights, letting you make more meaningful decisions based on what your customers are asking.

Satisfi Labs Partners with accesso® to Make AI Accessible for the Tourism Industry

Satisfi Labs Partners with accesso® to Make AI Accessible for the Tourism Industry