The Versatile Power of Conversational AI: Impact Across Industries

Dasia Clark
Dasia Clark
February 13, 2024

The implementation of conversational AI tools across many differing industries has now surpassed science fiction theories; its versatility and effectiveness in delivering tangible benefits are evident. This article spotlights several industries where conversational AI has become an essential business tool, especially when it comes to enhancing guest experiences and driving engagement. 

Let’s begin this journey by exploring how conversational AI is redefining experiences in one of the most dynamic sectors: tourism.

Revolutionizing Tourist Attractions

Tourist destinations have embraced conversational AI to bring visitor experiences back to life. By providing real-time updates on essential information like operational hours, activities, and dining options, the inclusion of AI ensures visitors are well-informed, maximizing their enjoyment and overall visit satisfaction, while also allowing staff to focus on other tasks.

A great example of this comes from Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in South Carolina. Experiencing a spike in guest questions due to rising popularity, the zoo sought to alleviate the strain on its digital channels and call center. Satisfi Labs rolled out a conversational AI Chat on their website and Facebook Messenger, reducing the customer service workload and supplying valuable data to refine marketing strategies and uphold their reputation.

In the year’s time following this rollout, Riverbanks saw the following results:

  • 113k+ conversations managed.
  • An 18% drop in call volume.
  • 44k unique visitors assisted.

Enriching Cultural Experiences

Moving from the bustling tourist spots to the more serene world of arts and history, conversational AI finds its significance in cultural arenas, as well. Museums, art galleries, and historical sites are leveraging conversational AI to deepen visitor engagement. 

Through AI Chat, patrons can access detailed information about exhibits, streamline ticket purchases, contribute donations, and plan their visits more effectively, making cultural exploration more interactive and accessible. On the business side, various teams are able to gather data about topics that interest their guests, which can be used for making strategic decisions in the future.

In a different kind of arena, the competitive and spirited world of college sports, conversational AI is playing a crucial role too.

Elevating College Athletics

Conversational AI is becoming an MPV in the collegiate sports scene. It keeps fans and alumni connected with the latest game schedules, ticketing services, and on-campus directions. Moreover, it enhances the game-day experience by providing updates on food and beverage options, contributing to a vibrant and informed sports community.

This was especially clear for the University of Florida (UF). Faced with a wave of questions about ticketing and post-sale policies, the Ticket Sales and Operations teams at the university needed a constant, effective method to handle these questions and efficiently collect fan data. To address this, a 24/7 conversational AI Chat was deployed across various university platforms. This solution not only facilitated immediate ticket purchases but also played a key role in gathering data crucial for refining their strategies, greatly simplifying the process leading up to ticket reservations.

The information collected through this system provided the university with valuable insights into fan behavior and preferences for the 2022 season, including the following:

  • 57% of fan inquiries were about season tickets.
  • 35% of questions focused on general ticket sales.
  • 8% of fans needed help with digital tickets.

Similarly, transformative impacts of conversational AI can be seen in destination marketing, where it becomes a travel companion like no other.

Boosting Destination Marketing

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) use conversational AI as a digital travel assistant, offering personalized recommendations on local listings, events, and travel tips. This AI-driven assistance simplifies travel planning, making it an indispensable tool for modern explorers. Likewise, destinations are able to gather information about their visitors’ interests to create a more relevant and impactful visitor experience.

Enhancing Live Event Experiences

The utility of conversational AI extends to live events, where it ensures every experience is seamless and memorable. From concerts to theater productions, conversational AI has made for a smoother and more efficient customer journey. This technology aids in providing real-time information on seating, ticketing, and event details, ensuring attendees have a memorable and hassle-free experience and staff have accurate information.

Engaging Pro Sports Fans

Professional sports teams are adopting conversational AI to engage fans beyond the game. It offers comprehensive tools for pre-visit planning, exclusive merchandise deals, team insights, and seamless ticket purchasing, fostering a more immersive fan experience.

One story to exemplify this impact comes from a champion MLB team — the Houston Astros. Transitioning to a digital platform, the Houston Astros sought to simplify ticketing for fans and promote the system effectively without stretching their staff thin. With our help, the Astros integrated a conversational AI-powered Mobile Ticketing Guide, enabling fans to buy tickets via chat and efficiently promoting this feature across their websites, apps, and QR codes on-site.

The results that the Astros saw speak for themselves. After their championship 2022 season, the team learned the following information about the season:

  • $232,000 in tickets were sold in the AI Chat.
  • 71% of tickets sold were on game day.
  • $89.69 was the average ticket price 3 days out from game day.

Guiding Retail and Entertainment Districts

In bustling retail and entertainment districts, conversational AI acts as the ultimate guide, offering real-time assistance and information on stores, entertainment options, and planning needs, enhancing the overall visitor experience in these dynamic areas. For districts that have a low amount of on-site staff, like Miracle Mile Shops, this technology guarantees consistent guest contact without additional hiring needs.

Optimizing Ski & Mountain Resort Operations

Ski and mountain resorts use conversational AI for both revenue generation and guest convenience. It aids in booking activities, provides updates on ski conditions, and offers equipment rental information, ensuring visitors have a seamless and enjoyable resort experience.

Let’s consider Snowbird’s story to bring this to life. Snowbird, a premium ski resort, struggled with managing high volumes of guest questions across changing seasons, especially during the pandemic with the increased demand. To aid this, Snowbird introduced Dog Chat, a knowledgeable conversational AI virtual assistant that provided updated information on various topics, serving as a reliable communication and analytical tool for strategic planning.

In the year following the implementation of Dog Chat, Snowbird not only won the NSAA Award for Best Use of Technology but also saw the following results:

  • 38k+ inbound messages received.
  • $150K anticipated annual assisted revenue.
  • 30 work weeks for staff members saved. 

Elevating Performing Arts Venues

Theaters and music halls benefit from conversational AI by sharing schedules, ticketing information, and artist details. It also enriches the audience’s understanding of performances, adding an extra layer to their cultural experience. Additionally, this technology can handle questions about venue amenities and accessibility, creating a more convenient experience for attendees.


This technology has proven to be a versatile and valuable asset across various industries. Each sector, with its unique demands, finds in conversational AI a tool that consistently delivers timely, relevant, and engaging information to its audience, be they visitors, fans, or patrons. As these industries evolve, the integration of conversational AI continues to redefine the boundaries of customer engagement and experience.

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