We help Professional and College Sports Teams unlock the full potential of conversational search and commerce to improve fan engagement, discover new fan insights, and increase sales.

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A Solution For College Athletics

Our Answer Engines enables collegiate athletic programs to provide automated and on-demand answers for fans, donors, and ticket holders so they can access all the information needed for positive game day and on campus experiences.

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How it Works

Our AI Knowledge Engine takes in your brand, team and venue content, along with content feeds to create an AI-ready platform so you can provide the best fan experience across all customer touchpoints.

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Benefits for Sports Venues

Regain Control

Elevate the guest experience and drive unique fan engagement by providing fans and ticket holders a simple, one-stop resource for questions about the game day experience, ticket troubleshooting, venue information, special events, and more.

Enable Actions

Drive ticket sales, F&B orders, and merchandising sales directly from your owned and operated channels (web, app, SMS, Facebook) while also incorporating and elevating sponsor partnerships and assets.

Know More

Understand fan needs, identify customer trends, inform messaging and engagement strategies, and anticipate customer support needs using the unique analytics powered by our on-demand dashboard.

Highlighted Use Cases

  • Live venue and game-day support
  • Concessions and ticket sales
  • Trivia and mascot races
  • Foreign language response
  • Digital ticketing assistance

Conversational AI For Any Customer Touchpoint

Enhance customer service by answering questions accurately and in real-time on any channel.


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