We help Brands, Retailers, and Shopping Centers service their customers 24/7, unlocking the full potential of conversational search and commerce to improve customer engagement, discover new customer insights, and increase sales.

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How it Works

Our AI Knowledge Engine takes in your location data, omnichannel products and services, customer service transcripts, and makes it AI-ready so you can provide the best customer experience across all conversational touchpoints.

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Benefits for Retail

Regain Control

Own answers to product questions, service requests, and highlighted promotions. Impact the customer service experience and increase NPS scores by providing easy to access information, reducing customer wait time for responses, and scaling the knowledge of your best employee to every customer interaction.

Enable Actions

Increase sales by driving add-to-cart behaviors, automate personalized upsell opportunities, and redirect to new product offerings at scale.

Know More

Access customer insights in real time.  Our dashboard ensures that you always know what customers are asking for, allowing you to identify information gaps and vertical trends to make informed business decisions.

Highlighted Use Cases

  • Product information and recommendation help
  • Troubleshooting, replenishment, and package tracking support
  • Upsell and add-to-cart enablement
  • Customer service and educational support
  • Interactive Gift Guides
  • On-site wayfinding assistance

Conversational AI For Any Customer Touchpoint

Enhance customer service by answering questions accurately and in real-time on any channel.


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