Make The Complex Simple

Our Knowledge Management Platform simply and seamlessly converts data, matches responses, identifies intent, and trains your bot, allowing you to have the most sophisticated response engine across any touchpoint.
conversational ai platform natural language processor

The AI Knowledge Engine

Our proprietary engine is the core of the platform making your data AI-ready.

Organize Knowledge

It takes in all of your information to create deep knowledge bases.

Start With Answers

It starts with the answers and matches responses based on intent.

Put In Context

It understands contexts such as time, location, and platform to provide the most accurate responses.

Conversational Plug-ins

Each plug-in feature accesses the depth of knowledge from our platform to create unique engagement opportunities.

Answer Plug-ins

Answer your customer's questions and needs, and enable real-time responses across any channel. NEW - extend your knowledge on Apple Business Chat.
  • FAQs
  • Dynamic Stats
  • Food & Beverage Finder
  • Foreign Language: Spanish, French
  • Digital Ticketing Assistance

Commerce Plug-ins

Allow customer to purchase tickets, F&B, and merchandise within the conversational flow.

Engagement Plug-ins

Enable trivia and game interactions seamlessly throughout the conversation.
  • Trivia
  • Mascot Races
  • Gift Finder

Feedback Plug-ins

Provide a conversational survey to learn more about your guests thoughts and feedback.


Our content and analytics management platform allows clients to monitor responses, make changes in real-time, and analyze traffic and responses data in one easy to use dashboard.

Advanced Analytics

See reporting around visitor response data, including traffic, source and request topic information.

Message Inbox

Review the bots message history, search by key words, and evaluate individual customer conversations.

Additional Features

Live Agent Escalation

Seamlessly transition from automated responses to live agents within the same chat flow. We can integrate with 3-party partners such as LivePerson for easy escalation.

NLP Agnostic

Choose to use our NLP or any external NLP. We can integrate with any partner of choice such as Dialogflow, Amazon Polly, or IBM Watson.

Existing Bot Integration

Allow our AI Knowledge Engine to make your existing bot smarter. We can integrate with existing bots and make them more effective and knowledgable with our platform.