AI Advancements in the News This Week: A Quick Dive Into the Future of Tech

Dasia Clark
Dasia Clark
December 05, 2023

Welcome to Satisfi Labs’ first-ever AI Roundup – your biweekly digest of AI advancements in the news, including groundbreaking developments, new industry applications, and more! This week, we delve into AI’s transformative role across diverse fields – from sports team operations to retail shopping and desktop computing. Our roundup not only highlights these advancements but also offers direct access to in-depth articles and some food for thought. 

Come along with us as we explore how AI continues to reshape our world, one innovation at a time.

Advancement #1

Identifying AI solutions in team operations | Sports Business Journal

Our first article this week focuses on the impact AI has had on sports teams’ operations in recent years. This article features insights from hard-hitting contributors, including Ben Conrad of the Milwaukee Bucks, who discusses the marketing impacts seen from their integration of AI tech.

Food for thought: Based on the information discussed, will the future of professional sports include AI as a must-have tool?

Advancement #2

Mastercard launches Shopping Muse, an AI to help consumers find the perfect gift | VentureBeat

The holiday season is here, and MasterCard has just launched its generative AI shopping companion, Shopping Muse. Powered by Dynamic Yield, Shopping Muse will be useable on retail sites to allow shoppers to explore retailers’ digital catalogs. This article also expands on the growing impact of AI in the retail space.

Food for thought: Since its early access list has just opened, will Shopping Muse be adopted and implemented by major retailers in 2024?

Advancement #3

These ex-Apple employees are bringing AI to the desktop | The Verge

There’s a new way to use AI in the air – and this time, the transformation comes for desktop computers. The trio at Software Applications Incorporated, a new AI startup, wants to make this vision a reality in the coming years. This article features the team’s first interview since they left Apple, including their vision for bringing magic back to the desktop. 

Food for thought: Will this new avenue for AI act as a competitor for the market’s current virtual assistants, like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft Windows’ AI-based Copilot?


And that’s a wrap for our first AI Roundup! This week’s journey took us from the dynamic world of professional sports to the cutting edge of desktop computing, and even into the festive aisles of AI-powered retail experiences. As the year draws to a close, the trajectory of AI remains upward, promising exciting possibilities ahead. 

Don’t forget to connect with us on social media and share your insights using #AIRoundup on Twitter. Your thoughts are the pulse of this conversation! 

Tune in on December 18th for more AI revelations. Until then, keep exploring and stay curious!

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