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September 16, 2022

More and more customers prefer online communication with their favorite brands. Despite this, no digital experience can replace humans, especially when helping with complex questions and high-stakes conversations. Offering a mix of messaging solutions is vital to get ahead of the trend. The stats don’t lie: 34% of respondents said they’d use a bot to get in touch with a live agent. 

Satisfi Labs’ AI Chat already allows customers to get automatic, specific, and accurate answers 24/7, but it’s time to take the digitized conversational experience a step further. We believe that every customer deserves a personal experience. That is why we created Bridge, a platform that combines AI and live escalation conversations in one place, helping our clients seamlessly switch between automated and live agent support.

There are 5 reasons why you need Bridge Live Chat.

Increase revenue

Live chat support has proven effective at guiding customers through the purchasing cycle, increasing conversion rates by as much as 3.84%. Satisfi Labs analyzed millions of customer questions seen on our platform, and still the most-asked questions are ticketing-related. It’s essential to have a solution that allows you to not only answer those questions, but also to have a way to hand off important revenue conversations to your trained sales team. Live escalation is an excellent way for your business to turn website or in-app visitors into hot leads and start selling more as a result. Our smart AI solution will identify ticket-selling opportunities and automatically offer the option to switch to a live person.

That’s not all – visitors who have live chat conversations are more likely to return compared to those who didn’t use live chat during their time on the website. This proves that live chat support strongly impacts customer retention, which is a huge long-term benefit to any business.

With Bridge, you can also create “Teams” that allow you to organize conversations by groups of agents. Upcoming requests will be transferred to the appropriate team. For example, you may have a Sales team that only handles revenue-generating questions. Our AI Chat can automatically assign those conversations using intent-based routing

By combining live chat responses with high-quality answers from an appropriate staff member, you have the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on a customer or lead.

Artificial Intelligence Chat example
Online Agents Management screen on Satisfi Labs Software<br />

Improve the motivation of your staff

On average, Satisfi Lab’s AI Chat handles up to 95% of traffic before reaching a live agent, helping brands answer millions of repetitive customer questions 24/7. 64% of brands who use AI chat solutions say employees can now spend most of their time solving more complex problems. Your employees can focus on revenue-generating requests, using their creativity, sales, and communication skills. They will be able to reach their own KPIs and have more fulfilling conversations.

To help them achieve even better results, Satisfi Labs has developed a set of tools that will help your staff easily manage online conversations.

  • Customer support agents can create Canned Responses. These saved response templates are used to quickly reply to a conversation. Canned responses can be used to save replies to frequently asked questions, as well as create greeting or thank you responses, which will help reduce an agent’s response time and increase productivity. 
Canned Responses Screen
  • Customer service teams can set notifications that are most convenient to them. It’s easy to adjust notifications at the individual level by choosing between push notifications, audio notifications, email notifications, or a combination of the above.
  • Customer service reps can use Private Notes to communicate with teammates from within the Bridge platform
Private Notes Screen - Satisfi Labs Customer support Software

Increase customer loyalty

Building strong customer relationships is the main focus for brands nowadays. Conversational AI solutions are helpful in supporting many customer service needs, but they aren’t always sufficient when communication requires that extra human touch. It’s crucial to offer the best live chat software to handle the needs of your diverse customer base. Offering your customers multiple channels to contact your business makes it seem like they’re never ignored – because if one method doesn’t work, there’s another waiting in the wings instead.

There is an enormous amount of data proving the high importance of a personalized customer experience. For instance, 96% of customers say excellent customer service builds trust. That means it has become expected for almost all customer interaction with brands (be that a website, an email, or a social media post) to be as personalized as possible.

With Bridge Live Chat, it has become possible to turn conversations into extraordinary experiences by providing customized live conversation through emojis, uploading files, and including links in the chat.

Bridge Live Chat example screen

The benefits of being able to reach out directly and personally are clear. Being personable makes you more reliable and trustworthy, mainly because of how quickly complex conversations can resolve. This creates a foundation for building a trusting and long-lasting relationship with the customer.

Make data-driven decisions

Collecting valuable data doesn’t have to feel like work! We will automatically monitor your website and mobile app users’ activity, as well as your agents. For example, you can track the number of inbound and outbound messages, the number of resolved conversation segments, median first response and resolution times, etc. You can even track the number of live agents online or offline and set working business hours. 

Bridge Live Chat - Live Agents Stats screen

Through this data, you can strive for efficiency within your organization. For instance, you can identify low performers and provide the necessary guidance for additional training. On the other hand, you can keep track of the customer inquiries that were ignored, took a long time, and more. The continuous monitoring process can help your service and sales teams improve the customer experience by easily identifying pain points in the customer service process.

Increase brand visibility

Perhaps, you are wondering if a live chat window is applicable or important in your business. In recent years, especially with COVID-19 hitting, live chat has become a trendy means of communication by companies across all types of industries. So the simple answer would be: yes, implementing live chat is relevant and beneficial because digital communication is now a must. The expansion of digital channels means your brand visibility has the potential to increase exponentially.

Live chat conversion rates are 13% higher than other communications channels, including social media and email, because it is expected to get a higher first response time (and this is a perfect tool to provide a fast response). Furthermore, not everyone has social media, so it may become hard for some customers to reach out to your brand quickly. 

Your website and app channels become more user-friendly if your brand has a tool that can answer questions automatically and have the capability to connect directly to your staff in seconds. Combining Live Chat with Satisfi’s AI solution will give you that edge over competitors in your industry.

Live Chat is an additional revenue-generating and customer experience solution that can help you increase your brand visibility and voice, increase customer satisfaction, and create a community of loyal fans ready to spread the word about your brand.

Conversations with customers can be unpredictable and challenging, but they are vital. AI + Live Chat is a faster and easier communication solution between businesses and consumers.

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