Case Study

Conversational AI Enhances Ticketing Experience for Rugby Fans

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In June 2022, Premiership Rugby needed a quick solution with fast implementation to tackle a surge in ticketing questions around the Gallagher Premiership Final. With a short deadline and many new users incoming, they turned to Satisfi Labs’s conversational AI Chat to help solve their problem. It answered over 14,000 ticket-related messages in 10 days, saving 347 hours of work and demonstrating the challenge of managing a large volume of questions with limited resources. The Chat’s ticketing integration also helped new users find tickets through the Premiership Rugby app, making it a fast & easy way to handle fans’ questions.

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Premiership Rugby faced a challenge managing the surge of ticket-related questions as the Gallagher Premiership Final approached. They needed a speedy and thorough solution, but traditional chatbots lacked the necessary comprehensive ticketing expertise, and limited personnel struggled to handle the volume of questions.

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Premiership Rugby adopted Satisfi Labs’ AI Chat to tackle the high volume of incoming questions effectively. The AI-powered Chat was trained to handle the questions effectively, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of fans’ ticketing questions. The technology also enabled Premiership Rugby to analyze the collected data during the offseason, allowing them the opportunity to enhance their processes and investigate possible improvements to their conversational AI experience.


Premiership Rugby was able to easily handle the sudden surge in ticket questions – and in just the right amount of time. With over 14.6K messages answered and 347 work hours saved, the AI Chat was able to provide round-the-clock support, accommodating the needs of international fans in various time zones. The technology proved essential in handling a sudden spike in demand, as 84% of fans who engaged with the AI Chat had not previously used a mobile ticket.

Messages received in 10 days


Of messages came outside of traditional business hours


Of messages were about accessing and managing tickets


Increase in Ticket Service Assistant's questions two days prior to final

““The data doesn’t lie. We would have never been able to handle the volume of inquiries and still maintain our usual level of fan satisfaction without the AI Assistants from Satisfi Labs. We are amazed at how quickly they got everything up and running, just in time for the final. It not only removed our staffing and training burden, but now we have all this data to help inform the business for next season.”

Rob Denham
Marketing Data Analyst, Premiership Rugby