The Return For Tourism [Infographic]

Satisfi Labs
Satisfi Labs
September 22, 2020

After more than six months, many tourist destinations are still waiting to reopen while others learn to deal with a whole new set of processes and procedures. Even though most locations leaned into digital engagement in the short-term, facilities will need to make sure visitors feel informed and comfortable before entering a physical location to survive long-term. Business operations, and communication will look very different as theme parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, and other popular tourist attractions start implementing new procedures and adopting new technologies. Fortunately, several lessons can be learned from early attraction openers. At Satisfi Labs, we examined the tourism sector, providing insights into what customers care about and how destinations can effectively communicate for reopening. This data was gathered from conversational input data across roughly 150 Satisfi Labs’ tourism and venue clients


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