Introducing Our New Analytics Dashboard: Unlocking the Power of Data Insights

Aliona Margulis
Aliona Margulis
July 11, 2023

Sometimes reporting is not for the faint-hearted. It is time-consuming and demands unwavering dedication & hard work. But fear not, we have the perfect solution for you: we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our updated Analytics Dashboard, designed to transform the way you analyze and leverage your data! 

One of our key achievements is developing our proprietary system trained on 85M+ data points, where intent tagging and categorizing is automatically generated based on a proprietary naming convention system that helps us map intents coming from LLMs and Context NLP in real-time and keep them consistent across industries.

Here’s why you should check our Analytics Dashboard right away.

Discover Revenue-Generating Opportunities 

Our Intent Deep-Dive and Intent Explorer Dashboards let you delve deep into customer preferences. You can filter intent data by action, category, or Assistant, monitor interest over time, and gain a more granular understanding of what your customers truly want. Uncover and seize hidden revenue streams and lucrative opportunities that were previously out of reach.  


For Example...

  • Try the Ticket Types Category and see which ticket types are in the most demand among your customers.
  • Filter by Learn About action. See which topics raise the most interest among your customers. Do they ask about it because they could not find the information on the website? 


See the True Value of Your AI Chat

Ever wondered how much time your AI Chat is saving you? Wonder no more! Our enhanced dashboard now includes the “Work Hours Saved” metric, quantifying the valuable time freed up by our AI Chat. You’ll be amazed to witness the tangible impact and efficiency gains brought about by our technology.


Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy and Customer Communication 

Empower your marketing team with invaluable insights into customer preferences through our Intent Trends Dashboard. This Dashboard will help you analyze trends across customer questions, providing insights into the most popular and relevant intents. With just a few clicks, you can select a specific time period and discover which intents are currently trending.

For Example...

Deciding to filter by the last 1000 messages will allow you to focus on recent interactions to understand the latest trends and customer interests. Let’s say you are organizing a live concert or a big game, and you need to react in seconds to what is happening at the venue.



Enjoy a Seamless User Experience 

We understand the importance of a user-friendly interface, and that’s exactly what we’ve delivered. Our new dashboard boasts an intuitive design and improved layout, making navigating and locating the information you need a breeze. 

Visual reports are now easier to comprehend, as chart data can be expanded for comprehensive insights, allowing you to effortlessly prepare reports that showcase the true value of your bot’s performance.

Level 1
Level 2

Ready to empower yourself with real-time insights and actionable data that guide you toward success? Whether you’re a marketing guru, a ticketing mastermind, or an operations wizard, our dashboard is tailored to meet your needs.

Do you want to learn more about how Satisfi Labs can help your business?

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