Introducing Bridge Email, Bridge Facebook Messenger, and Mobile App

Aliona Margulis
Aliona Margulis
April 11, 2023

Managing online conversations using email, the website, and social page channels? Tired of constantly checking it separately, while risking losing revenue-generating requests? Or perhaps you struggle with managing conversations when some of your staff members are working on-site and not always in the office. We have some exciting news to help alleviate these pain points!

First up, we’re introducing new channels that you can integrate with our Bridge Live Chat Platform and use to manage conversations in one place: Facebook Messenger and Email.

Next, say hello to the Bridge Mobile App, which lets your live staff handle conversations on the go!

Let’s dive into the details of each update.

Bridge Facebook

If you are already using our AI Chat on Facebook to handle customer questions, but there are times when a human is needed, now you can add Bridge Live Chat. This integration with the Bridge Platform will improve the quality of managing customer conversations coming from Facebook.

Bridge software working with facebook


  • Facebook Messenger offers customers more ways to contact your business, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Live agents will save time switching between screens with all messages in one place.
  • Live agents can use Bridge’s remarkable features – like canned responses, private notes, macros, notification adjustments, transcript downloads, and more – to significantly improve the speed and efficiency of online conversations.
  • Set up smart routing to automatically assign conversations to the right person or team.
  • Collect all incoming data and get more accurate reporting about live conversations using the Satisfi Dashboard. Just filter by channel (web/mobile/email/Facebook Messenger) to see the median resolution time, number of inbound messages, agent data, and more.

Great News!

Our existing clients can switch to Bridge Facebook for free. Just reach out to us using Request Portal.

Don’t have AI Chat on Facebook but only want Bridge for managing live conversations? Contact your CS rep for more details.

Bridge Email

We know you’re already using email support for general inquiries, especially when answering questions from customers who prefer traditional forms of communication. With this update, you can handle email traffic using Bridge Live Chat. It means you can manage online conversations coming from web/email/Facebook using one platform.

Bridge Email Screenshot<br />


  • Communicate as if you are using your email provider when responding to your customer emails: you can add signatures, attach files, and respond to email conversations through the Bridge mobile app.
  • Consolidating all communication channels in one platform allows you to respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently, resulting in faster resolution times.
  • With email support in Bridge, all customer data is centralized to one platform, making it easier for you to manage and analyze customer data, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Fewer risks of losing emails because emails don’t fall to spam.

Reach out to your Customer Success Representative to enable Bridge Email.

Bridge Mobile App 

Assist your guests directly from your phone by downloading the Bridge Mobile App. Most of our functionality is consistent between the desktop and mobile app. It’s a fantastic addition to our web version and will be a lifesaver for on-site staff members.

The app allows you to manage conversations from your mobile phone, receive push notifications for new conversations, use conversation features like canned responses, assign conversations to your teammates, and leave private notes.

Download the free app and start managing conversations on the go!

Bridge Mobile App

Do you want to learn more about how Satisfi Labs can help your business?

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