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Enhancing a best in class experience with rich content and new features

Ask Jules - Miracle Mile Shops Expert


Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas is a tourist attraction that sees countless new visitors every day. Most of their daily visitors are discovering the retail stores, restaurants, and layout for the first time. Since Miracle Mile Shops does not have dedicated staff on-site to answer questions and direct visitors throughout the property, their AI-powered virtual assistant, Jules, serves as their main point of contact. She is the representative between customer and brand, helping to answer the constant flow of questions. Once their doors re-opened post-Covid, Miracle Mile Shops revamped Jules’ content and added new features to increase discoverability and enhance the customer experience.

Miracle Mile Shops Las Vegas


When Miracle Mile Shops re-opened their doors in June 2020, they did so without a dedicated physical guest services staff on-site. Miracle Mile Shops sees over 26 million visitors annually, and the majority of those visitors are new. They rely on their AI-powered virtual assistant, Jules, to provide answers to their customers’ questions. Created in 2017 with a distinctive personality that reflects the shopping center’s lively shoppers, Miracle Mile Shops needed to ensure that customers got what they needed in a fun and engaging way. They also needed a way to increase awareness of Jules, so visitors knew where to get answers to their inquiries and maximize their time spent on the property.

Miracle Mile Shop AI assistant working


Miracle Mile Shops staff invested and continues to invest time in making Jules a best-in-class experience with rich content and new features. Because Jules is the face of guest services, in March 2021, Miracle Mile Shops added an auto-open feature to boost the discoverability and usage of their virtual assistant to website users. With an auto-open feature, Miracle Mile Shops actively put Jules in front of all visitors, 24/7/365. Miracle Mile Shops increased visibility to the virtual assistant’s rich content, including recommendations on where to shop and eat and Jules’ deals for unique discounts and offers. They also trained Jules to surface the map feature, built with Mappedin, to be triggered when questions such as “where is Pandora located” or “how do I get to Tommy Bahama” are asked. This implementation allowed visitors easy access to wayfinding onsite.


Within the first nine months of 2021, Miracle Mile Shops’ virtual assistant answered over 146,000 unique visitor questions, with each customer asking 2.2 questions on average. Since implementing the auto-open feature in March, the virtual assistant saw a 279% increase in the overall volume of questions from the month prior. Due to its flexibility, the virtual assistant could handle the rise in volume as tourism increased during peak summer months in Vegas. Our data shows that Jules answered 74,000 questions from June to August. More than 65% of visitor questions during that nine-month time period hit their Directory intent, leading users to their map/directions integration with Mappedin.


Of all messages hit the Directory intent

Unique visitor questions answered in first 9 months

Average number of questions asked per user

“Now that our guest service department is strictly digital with Jules, ensuring that our customers know to engage with the virtual assistant is more important than ever before. Providing our customers with a memorable experience is still our top priority. With the ability to continuously update content on the virtual assistant, we’ve accomplished that at a much larger scale. Satisfi Labs has continued to provide us with an invaluable resource for guests and allows us to engage at every step in their customer journey.”

Wendy Albert
Senior Director of Marketing, Miracle Mile Shops