Houston Astros

"Digitizing the box office with the help of Satisfi Labs' in-chat ticket commerce product has revolutionized how we service our fans and manage our staff resources."

Trevor Purvis, Senior Manager, Ticket Technology and Solutions at the Houston Astros


With the Astros managing a full ballpark and MLB shifting to exclusively mobile tickets, the Astros saw an opportunity to digitize the box office, including pre-purchase and post-purchase needs. To capitalize on this opportunity, the Astros partnered with Satisfi Labs in 2021 to upskill their Ticketing Assistant with ticket commerce capabilities. Fans can not only ask the assistant ticketing questions but can quickly select and purchase single-game tickets directly in chat. After successfully promoting the Ticketing Assistant across the web, app, and on-site with QR code signage, the Astros were able to sell $232,000 in tickets through their new virtual box office during the 2022 season.