Case Study

How the World Champion Astros Made $232k with AI Ticketing Assistant

Houston Astros Celebrating the World Championship


The 2022 MLB World Series Champions, the Houston Astros, partnered with Satisfi Labs to modernize their box office and address pre- and post-purchase needs. The Astros enhanced their Satisfi AI Chat with ticket commerce functionality, allowing fans to buy single-game tickets directly through the chat. The team heavily promoted this ticket-savvy AI Chat during the 2022 season – and by streamlining the ticketing process, the Astros improved customer satisfaction and reallocated employees to other areas of the stadium, saving 11,000+ hours of work.

Houston Astros Celebrating the World Championship


The Astros faced the challenge of modernizing their ticketing system to make it more efficient and convenient for fans. They aimed to shift to mobile tickets and digitize their box office while still capturing the walk-up fan at the ballpark. The Astros had to successfully promote their new system and encourage fans to adopt it, allowing their staff to be assigned to other impotant tasks.

Houston Astros AI Assistant working


The Houston Astros partnered with Satisfi Labs to enhance their ticketing system with integrated AI and ticket commerce capabilities – enabling fans to buy single-game tickets directly through chat. The team also promoted the AI Chat via various channels, including web, app, and on-site QR code displays. As the AI Chat was implemented, they gained the ability to streamline and digitize their ticketing process, while boosting their employees’ productivity.


The results of the Houston Astros’ solution were impressive. By partnering with Satisfi Labs, the team generated $232,000 in ticket sales during the 2022 season. The Astros were also able to save over 11,000 work hours by moving employees to other areas of the stadium. Additionally, the team improved customer satisfaction by streamlining the ticketing process and offering fans a more convenient and efficient way to purchase tickets.

In tickets sold in-chat


Of tickets sold were on game day

Average ticket price 3 days out from game day

Increase in average ticket price 3 days before game vs. day of game

“Digitizing the box office with the help of Satisfi Labs’ in-chat ticket commerce product has revolutionized how we service our fans and manage our staff resources”

Trevor Purvis
Senior Manager of Ticket Technology and Solutions, Houston Astros