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How We Helped American Express presents BST
Hyde Park Navigate Guest Communications

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The in-house team at American Express Presents BST Hyde Park faced a considerable challenge handling the constant influx of very specific pre-event questions. BST Hyde Park
turned to Satisfi Labs’ AI Chat, leveraging generative AI, to try a new approach to guest communications. Once implemented, BST managed roughly 113k messages in just 17 days with AI Chat, ultimately saving over 1,750 operational hours. This implementation not only made for easier communications but also elevated the standard of guest services, illustrating the powerful impact of AI-powered chat experiences for major event management.

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Managed by AEG Presents UK, BST Hyde Park stands as a pinnacle of the European summer festival season. Facing the task of managing a flood of highly specific pre-event questions – ranging from ticket upgrades to VIP package details – the in-house team found traditional guest services channels weren’t proving efficient enough during the peak days leading up to the event.

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BST implemented Satisfi Labs’ AI Chat, which allowed them to tackle the influx of questions received in the lead-up to the event. Leveraging Satisfi’s platform, which had recently been upgraded to include generative AI capabilities from large language models (LLM) like OpenAI, BST’s AI Chat could handle the multitude of questions with unparalleled efficiency and precision. Notably, the AI Chat led to more than 1,750+ hours of operational time saved in under two months, showcasing its profound impact in optimizing communication and elevating BST’s operational productivity.


Initially introduced in June 2023, BST’s AI Chat masterfully handled roughly 113k messages in a mere 17 days, demonstrating exceptional capability during BST Hyde Park’s most critical communication period. One-third of these interactions occurred on the day before the event, historically the most challenging day for the teams due to the time period in which guests required a response.

Messages Manged By AI Chat in 17 Days

Operational Hours Saved By AI Chat in Less Than 2 Months


Increase in Questions Asked The Day Before The Event

“Implementing Satisfi Labs’ AI Chat has transformed how we handle questions at American Express presents BST Hyde Park, giving us the clarity and time to focus on what really matters – enhancing our guest experience. It’s been a cornerstone in refining our approach to guest services, allowing us to preemptively address concerns and build a stronger rapport with fans.”

Danielle Kennedy-Clark

VP of Guest Experience, AEG Europe