NFL Drives Fan Engagement for Super Bowl LIII With AI-Powered Assistant


Super Bowl LIII at Mercedes-Benz Stadium hosted hundreds of thousands of football fans throughout Super Bowl week in Atlanta, Georgia, all expecting to have an unforgettable experience with the NFL brand during the many festivities and game day. Ensuring a successful fan experience is of the utmost importance to the NFL league, host facility, and host city, all tasked with hosting a wide spectrum of fans – unique, new to file, hardcore football, participating team fans – most whom are likely visiting the host property for the first time, and most of whom are likely to have individual experiential expectations. The NFL events team needed to implement a solution that could answer thousands of multifaceted questions, without the costly and often ineffective burden of training a short-term workforce. They tasked us to create the Super Bowl LIII AI-powered assistant – named “Ask Vince” in celebration of the namesake for which the Super Bowl Trophy is named – Vince Lombardi. “Vince” assisted all fans leading up to, during and after Super Bowl week and the game itself, leveraging the existing Mercedes-Benz Stadium knowledge, successfully alleviating pressure on stadium event and staff, and engaging fans through every stage of their Super Bowl experience.


Each year, hundreds of thousands of fans travel to a predetermined, neutral football site for the NFL Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is more than just a game, it’s a weeks-long event with activities, live performances, interactive experiences, and more. Fans, ticket holders, and spectators have questions about ticket access, gameday experiences, venue information, transportation, travel and more. The high-demand and concentration of fans makes hiring and training staff for the event costly and time-consuming, in addition to the risk of accuracy by a short-term staff.  


To accommodate the number of fans and breadth of their inquiries throughout the weeks leading up to the game itself, we custom-built an AI-powered Super Bowl LIII assistant - “Ask Vince” - on our Knowledge Management Platform which provided on-demand information on the Super Bowl LIII app before, during and after the festivities and game. The custom knowledge base created was event- and venue-specific.  Additionally, we were able to leverage preexisting Mercedes-Benz Stadium knowledge from our AMBSE “Ask Arthur/Uncle Arthur” bot. This ensured that the technology was well-equipped to answer questions related to the game experience and the property, in addition to activities in the surrounding area.


More than 20,000 responses were handled by the bot the week leading up to the Super Bowl with more than ⅓ of total requests specifically involving game information, and the most popular line of inquiry was around autograph signings. The depth of information available ensured fans engaged throughout the event as well as before and after, contributing to the entire experience.


Messages handled in 20 days


Of responses handled the week of event


Of questions answered around Game Info