We help Hotels, Restaurants, and Resorts unlock the full potential of conversational search and commerce to improve guest engagement, discover new guest insights, and increase sales.

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Screenshot of The Godfrey's AI Conversational Platform

How it Works

Our AI Knowledge Engine takes in your digital and physical data and makes it AI-ready so you can provide the best guest experience across all conversational touchpoints.

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Benefits for Hospitality

Regain Control

Own the entire guest journey from pre-visit questions, assistance during their visit and keep in touch post-visit to nurture loyal guests.

Enable Actions

Automate booking, mobile ordering, special event ticket purchasing and other on-premise services.

Know More

Acquire unique visitor insights and enhance purchase data to fully understand the customer journey.

Highlighted Use Cases

  • On-demand guest assistance
  • Trip planning and scheduling
  • Real-time feedback enablement

Conversational AI For Any Customer Touchpoint

Enhance customer service by answering questions accurately and in real-time on any channel.


Hotel intents learned


Geo-specific answers


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