Case Study

TD Garden answers guest questions on-demand with dynamic event and venue content

Exterior View of the TD Garden Arena


We teamed up with TD Garden to feed content published on the venue’s website by carbonhouse, the global leader in developing event and venue websites, into our Knowledge Management Platform. TD Garden was looking for a way to easily surface ever-changing information that was already shared through carbonhouse for the purpose of answering customer questions automatically and in real-time. Our partnership with carbonhouse allows their clients to send data already included on their websites to our platform and make it conversational. This allows clients like TD Garden to answer guest questions such as ticket access, time of doors and show, and parking assistance automatically on their website with dynamic content. Whether TD Garden has a concert, Bruins or Celtics game, or a convention, we made it easy for the most frequently asked venue questions to be answered quickly through a virtual assistant on their website.

Event at the TD Garden Arena


Boston’s TD Garden manages over 200 events a year, including all home games for the Celtics and Bruins, with a capacity to house over 17,500 guests for hockey games. The venue’s website, created by sports events and venue website developer carbonhouse, contained all the event information needed to answer guests’ questions but didn’t have an easy way to surface these ever-changing details in an automatic and dynamic manner. With such a high number of guests visiting the venue each season, TD Garden needed a way to answer a large volume of visitor questions through the official website without having to duplicate efforts.


In November 2018, we implemented an automated virtual assistant on the TD Garden venue website to answer guest questions around their ever-changing event and venue details. Our Answer Engine product powers the virtual assistant and allows TD Garden to answer event information across multiple event types. As content management can be time-consuming and cumbersome to maintain throughout the year, our solution allows for event data already feeding to carbonhouse to be converted and organized using conversational AI. This then allows the existing content to dynamically update so our virtual assistant can automatically answer questions on TD Garden’s webchat channel in real-time. Additionally, visitor questions asked at one event are remembered and taught to the virtual assistant to answer across all future events. The TD Garden virtual assistant has become an expert in all-venue and event questions whether a guest is coming for a concert, game, or event.


As the website’s content feed is refreshed with the new event list and event details, the number of answerable guest inquiries is infinite. The partnership demonstrates a scalable solution for managing any of TD Garden’s events. The virtual assistant has received over 120,000 messages from over 40,000 unique users.

Messages Handled in 2019

Unique Visitors

“Juggling the dynamic content around TD Garden events amplifies the challenges with managing a popular venue. Having a solution by Satisfi Labs that’s able to seamlessly integrate all of our constantly updating information into a friendly platform for visitors is invaluable for our guest’s experience. We are also delighted with its ability to give us insights on visitor preferences that we didn’t have access to before and allows us to make adjustments to the venue experience in the future.”

Josh Brickman
Vice President Business Strategy, TD Garden & Boston Bruins