Satisfi Labs' Virtual Assistant has saved the Buccaneers 1,500+ staff hours

Screenshot of Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Conversational AI Platform


We launched the AI-powered virtual assistant with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2016. Originally, the virtual assistant could be accessed from the team’s mobile app and helped answer fan inquiries around team info and their game-day experience. During the off-season, Tampa Bay signed 6-time superbowl champion quarterback Tom Brady. This season, with the excitement surrounding the new signing and the world experiencing a pandemic, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers expanded access of their assistant onto Web and Apple Business Chat (ABC). With a large marketing push towards the virtual assistant from the team, they have been able to decrease physical points of contact between customers and venue staff while increasing their responsiveness to customers. They’ve been able to provide them with timely feedback throughout the season, while also staying connected with their at-home fans.

Image of Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Flag Run


Although only a limited number of fans were allowed in the stadium this season (2020-2021), season tickets were in high demand and the team had already received 67% of their total 2019 inbound message volume heading into the season. With the excitement surrounding the new season and fans being in the stadium during the pandemic, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers needed more ways to engage with their fans. The Bucs also needed to educate fans on new game-day protocols, making sure they were prepared and informed for the new experience.


Our Interactive Answer Engine, which powers the Bucs virtual assistant, was able to be easily deployed across web and Apple Business Chat in addition to enhancing their mobile app. The experience allows fans to communicate directly with the Bucs across their preferred platform. The Bucs marketed the virtual assistant at every home game to encourage fans to use it as a reference and as a means to keep fans safe by cutting down on physical contact with staff. By driving awareness and traffic through an email campaign, the Bucs were able to manage the effective communication of the new game-day experience and safely welcomed fans back. Additionally, the virtual assistants’ knowledge was quickly expanded based on a community of sports client learnings. New knowledge included new entrance policies, healthy and safety protocols, and at-home viewing access information. 


Across the three channels, the virtual assistant has received over 49,800 inbound messages this season and averages over 2,000 messages on game days. Physical points of contact between customers and venue staff has decreased and so far has saved the Buccaneers over 1,500 staff hours. The most asked questions include Digital Ticketing Assistant, Single Game Ticket Purchase, TV Information, Schedule, and General Ticket Purchase Requests.  Answering these fans questions in more channels has allowed the team to help fans feel comfortable returning to the stadium.


Inbound Messages Received


Average Game-Day Messages


Staff Hours Saved

“With the Satisfi Labs platform, we’ve been able to expand our AI technology to give fans that 1:1 response and timely interaction that is needed to make fans feel comfortable about the new game-day experience. Providing real-time automated responses across multiple channels puts fans at ease and provides a level of trust that is needed to get them back to the stadium. And this technology allows us to be ready to serve even more fans next season when we are back to 100% capacity.”

Christi Bedan, Vice President of Digital & Media, Tampa Bay Buccaneers