St. Louis Lambert International Airport Provides Visitors with Reliable, Accurate Travel Information in One Place

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As part of a longstanding partnership with St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) forged in 2017, we created an AI-powered virtual assistant for travelers and visitors, available across web and SMS services. The virtual assistant can adjust specific responses based on where visitors are located in the airport, utilizing the depth and complexity of our comprehensive knowledge bases. During 2018, the virtual assistant received over 100,000 messages supporting traveler and visitor questions. This continues to give travelers unmatched customer service while providing STL with meaningful metrics and insights about their traveler and visitor expectations.

Image of St. Louis Lambert International Airport Interior


With thousands of visitors traveling through STL every day, the airport needed an efficient and effective way of communicating with travelers about logistical and terminal-specific information. Travelers may confuse official STL employees with employees of a specific airline, security team, or a food/beverage provider, which could lead to misinformation and pertinent questions left unanswered. 


We launched an AI-powered virtual assistant that provides consistently accurate information which can be accessed on the STL website or through SMS.  These touchpoints allow visitors to access information before they arrive at the airport and while they’re on-site, regardless of whether they are there to take a flight or to pick-up or drop-off a traveler. The virtual assistant addresses a host of inquiries that travelers would previously have had to seek out from alternative sources.  Frequently asked questions such as the correct baggage claim carousel for a particular flight, flight status, airline locations, gate locations, and rental car information can now be answered on-demand. The virtual assistant also addresses inquiries about the airport experience, such as wayfinding, food and beverage locations, airport discounts, cell phone lots, directions, and parking spots.To ensure that travelers and visitors receive the most relevant information based on their location, the virtual assistant simultaneously handles knowledge-bases for both Terminal 1 and Terminal  2. The platform also features a “Discount of the Week” in the opening message to allow the airport to promote different vendors and deals.


In 2018, the virtual assistant received over 100,000 messages supporting traveler and visitor questions. Since the initial launch, our knowledge base has grown 35%, responding to the ever-growing changes and expectations of airport travelers and visitors.  In January alone, the virtual assistant saw a 2X increase in the monthly average of questions handled compared to every other month, showcasing the technology as a valuable tool to answer traveler and visitor questions during peak holiday and inclement weather travel times.


Messages handled in 2018


Increase in airport knowledge base


Increase in questions during peak month

“As air travel carries its own set of challenges for many people, we want to make sure that we are providing the easiest and most efficient process as possible. The Satisfi Labs solution has allowed us to cater to our visitors with the level of service they deserve, while also gaining a deeper understanding of their expectations and needs so we can improve and expand our offerings.”

Rob Salarano, STL Properties Division Manager