Enhancing the Customer Experience at Miracle Mile Shops with Jules


As Miracle Mile Shops, at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, continued to see increased foot traffic across its 200 shops, the property needed to find a scalable, high-tech solution to address its customer’s needs while maintaining a clear brand voice.  We created “Jules” an AI-powered virtual assistant with a distinctive personality that reflects the shopping center’s audience of fun and lively shoppers. Jules is designed to answer all guest questions, enable new transactions, and drive increased revenue and engagement for the property, stakeholders, and tenants.


Miracle Mile Shops sees over 26 Million visitors annually, so they were looking for a platform that could handle the influx of customer questions in a scalable and easy to use way. To provide a better and more seamless experience, the platform needed to identify and handle a range of visitor questions, including operational information like parking and security, suggestions of where to shop for specific items, detailed food and beverage options nearby, and information for upcoming events and shows.  


To answer this need, “Jules” was designed to interact with customers in a social and personable manner while using the depth and accuracy of Artifical Intelligence.  Our Knowledge Management Platform allows Miracle Mile to engage with customers 24/7 across conversational touchpoints: web, SMS, and Facebook Messenger utilizing channels that are already familiar to customers. As a trusted resource, Jules provides real-time information about the property, shops, and entertainment, all while gathering valuable data about customer patterns and trends. We also enhanced the user experience to be as seamless as possible by enabling location-based feedback, so Jules can provide specific answers to customer inquiries based on where they are in the center.


Miracle Mile has answered over 36,000 questions with more than 6,000 repeat visitors to the assistant, providing a vital service that grows customer engagement, supports retention, and helps uncover a deeper understanding of customer needs and wants.  Our data shows top questions include requests for information about coupon books, food services, and parking.


Inbound messages received


Repeat visitors

"Providing our customers with a memorable experience is our top priority, and it’s important that we engage them in a way that feels meaningful and authentic to our brand. Jules is a fun embodiment and accurate portrayal of our voice, and is an invaluable resource to our guests as they craft the perfect visit to Miracle Mile Shops.”

Wendy Albert, Senior Director of Marketing, Miracle Mile Shops