“Satisfi Labs has been a gamechanger for us! We have seen the benefits in terms of cost savings but more importantly, our employees have noticed the reduced workload and are happier than ever coming to work.”

Chris Conner, AXS VP of Contact Center


AXS realized their call center staff could no longer handle the massive backlog of questions. They needed a fast solution that would help with the high volume of questions without sacrificing the quality of the customer experience. With the implementation of Satisfi Labs’ conversational AI platform they were able to cut down live escalations to 6% of all traffic and maintain their high quality of service. How? Satisfi Labs builds industry specific Answer Engines that include a team of AI Assistants. The AI Assistants can be trained quickly, as they learn from shared knowledge gathered across over 350 companies on our platform. AXS onboarded our Ticket Service Assistant quickly and with tremendous results. The Ticket Service Assistant increased customer satisfaction due to quick answers and 24/7 service, increased employee morale due to less workload and more fulfilling conversations with customers, and saved around $900,000.